Beni 2014

Helping small business grow through attraction and retention.

Beni is a customer engagement platform that rewards loyal clients with benefits like vouchers, discounts, products and even invitation for events. For businesses is a tool to grow and track your customers.

The company

Beni offers an elegant tool that allows every business to create their own loyalty program and marketing campaings in an easy way. In the first months we was selected to participate in the Rio de Janeiro’s state sponsored acceleration program, Startup Rio.

My Role

I was hired by Jeizzon Mendes to be responsible for the B2B dashboard and the company websites. The entire team was formerly composed by two designers and two engineers. I also had to help with the front-end development.

The objective of the B2B dashboard was simple and clear:
allow entrepreuners manage their benefits and track it’s results.

Iteration was essencial on the design process to find the best solution for that. It helps to explore multiple different solutions and see everything more clearly. Turning discussions more concrete and focused on the problem.

The result is a simple, elegant and easy to use dashboard.

I also designed the Beni landing page. It was an incredible opportunity to face multiple roles, from concept to code.