Oi.com.br 2015

Transforming the digital business of the largest telecom of Brazil.

Oi is a brazilian telecom who offers a wide range of services incluiding TV, Mobile and Broadband for more than 70 million clients over each corner of the country.

The Challenge

Work in a small innovation cell inside a typical corporate company was a big challenge. Our main objective was prove how design could be valuable and usefull to archieve business goals and influence at top level product decisions.

My Role

I was hired by Victor Montalvão
and Bernardo Tausz to join the VML design team. I worked mostly doing visuals, interactions, information architecture schemes, prototypes and user flows for the company’s portal.

Selected Work Oi Home Page

Delivering content that makes sense, at the right time and context.

For a short period I was responsible for the company’s home page. We followed a concept created by the Work&Co team that’s grounded in delivery content based on client environment.

Frequently the company needed a solution with a higher focus on sales of a specific product. This template have this and also the flexibility to use a secondary feature like a background image.

Everything was designed with an iterative process. Responding on the fly to the business team, who had requirements changing along the project. Being quickly was essencial to respond those changes and start the development.

A lot of this stuff had a good help from the Work&Co design team, Oi UX design leaders and others designers from VML. Collaboration was an essencial part of the process.

I made this animation on After Effects to help developers and steakholders understand how could be the interaction during the scroll. I agree that would be a lot better make a real prototype, but at the moment I didn’t have time to build it. This helped anyway.

Selected Works Oi Partnerships

Designing for partnerships that really makes a difference for clients.

This is one of strategic partneships that Oi made to improve sales and change their perception in the market. I was in charge to design these first sketches for Netflix and Spotify pitch.

We tried different solutions. Like creating a hub for all partnerships that the company was doing with a different structure for the content, now more focused on how the partnership works instead of only their benefits.